Farm Gifts


To decide what belongs in our Farm Gifts selection, we first asked ourselves "what would we like for a gift?...what would make us feel loved?...what would make our day!" After that it was simple: we selected a few very special products, the "best of the best", the "sweetest of the crop", and proudly put them on our Farm Gifts page. Our gift to you is this: we guarantee everything from this selection will be loved, purely, like syrup from a maple tree!

And we always have special items in the store. Call us if you don't see what you want.



Burr's Favorite

Item #135B

A wonderful start or finish to the day with our Pure Maple Syrup & Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix.

Gift box includes:

  •  1 Quart Medium Amber Maple Syrup
  • 20 oz. of Pancake Mix


Elliott's Granulated Pure Maple Sugar (1lb)

Item #129A

Elliott's Pure Maple Sugar is made from 100% pure Morse Farm Maple Syrup.

Try it in your favorite recipe or see our Maple Walnut Meringue Cookie recipe.

Net weight: 1 pound


Harry's Favorite

Item #134

Breakfast Vermont Style!

Gift box includes:

  • 1 pint of Morse Farm Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup
  • 20 oz. bag of Morse Farm Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix


Leaf Bottle of Maple Syrup (large)

Item #424

An 8.45 ounce maple leaf bottle of Pure Morse Farm Maple Syrup. (Grade A Medium Amber)


Maple Cured Bacon from Vermont farms

Item #513

Bacon bubbling in a pan mingling with the smell of coffee brewing, mmmm...

1lb. of sliced bacon


Maple Leaf Cookies

Item #8577

Maple Leaf Cookies made with real Maple Syrup, filled with Maple Flavored Cream.  14 oz box contains 18 Maple Leaf shaped cookies.  Great with a nice cold glass of milk.


Maple Spices Sampler

Item #532

"Getting sick of the salt worry?" Try these three sensational maple spices in this wonderful Maple Spice Sampler...Maple Pepper®, Maple Pepper® with Garlic, and Maple Pepper® with Habanero.

Maple Pepper® is a tradmarke of Highland Foods, LLC


Maple Syrup Grade Sampler

Item #128

Just like the master sugarmakers use, this Maple Syrup Grade Sampler is the essential tool for grading maple syrup; and makes a great maple conversation piece.

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More Pancakes Today and Tomorrow

Item #134B

Case of 6 20-ounce bags of Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix.



Morse Farm North Country Breakfast

Item #120

My mother, Dot, used to serve buttermilk and honey pancakes to the hired hands for breakfast most days. The smoked bacon she saved for special days, and boy, did we make sure we were at the table on time on those occasions.

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Pancakes Today

Item #134A

Morse Farm 20 oz. bag of Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix is the best. Just add water!

1 bag pancake mix


Pitcher 'N Pint

Item #119H

Simple gifts say it all - a pint of Morse's Medium Amber pure Maple Syrup, shipped with a Hunter Green ceramic syrup pitcher for the table 



Vermont Gift Selection

Item #501

Gift box includes:

  • A pint of Medium Amber Maple Syrup 
  • 20 oz. bag of Morse Farm Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix
  • 8 oz. jar of Maple Cream
  • 16 oz. bar of Cabot's Vermont Classic Cheddar.


Vermont Maple Sampler

Item #115

A little taste of Vermont!

Gift box includes:

  • 1 pint of Morse Farm Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup
  • 8 oz. bar of Cabot's award winning Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • 8 oz. of Morse Farm delicious pure Maple Cream spread