Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple has been the standard by which all syrups are judged. We think you can taste eight generations of experience in Morse Farm products.

Our syrup is 100% pure; a natural, organic sweetener rich in minerals (calcium, potassium and iron), vitamins (B2,B5, B6, and niacin), and of course it's fat-free!

What's the difference between syrup grades?

It's all about the taste! True, there's a difference in the syrup color between the grades, with lighter syrups being Grade A Golden and Grade A Amber, and darker syrups being Grade A Dark and Grade A Very Dark. However ultimately, taste is what separates the grades, and the best way to decide which to get is to taste them for yourself! We invite you to stop by the Farm to sample them all, although if you're unable to come the Farm for a taste, purchase our Maple Syrup Grade Sampler or use the chart below which explains the differences between the grades.


How to purchase Morse Farm Maple Syrup

Use the syrup widget on the right hand side of the page.

Choose your container size, grade of syrup and quantity.
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Once you've made your selection, click the 'buy' button
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Morse Farm Maple Syrup Specials:

Two Gallons of Grade A Dark (click here). $51.25 each.

Two Half Gallons of Grade A Dark (click here) $33.25each.

Two Gallons of Grade A Very Dark Maple Syrup (click here). $51.25 each

Two Half Gallons of Grade A Very Dark Maple Syrup (click here) $33.25each