News from Vermont #377 You Guessed It Right!

March 28, 2017

Hello again Maple People,
Everyone enjoys a good brush with fame, like the time I ran into Bob Newhart in the restroom over at Burlington Municipal Auditorium. He was prepping for a show there and I was playing in the band which opened his performance. We almost bumped into each other at the door. His devilish “Bob Newhart” grin, directed right at me, sent me sky-high. We said hi and that was it…one moment in time for two human beings, one rich and famous and a star-struck farm boy.
Then there was the time one of the “children” on the Walton Show paid us a visit. Just another tourist, he and his family walked in one day to learn about the maple process. We were all giddy that there was a celebrity on our farm and particularly impressed when he compared our setting to Walton’s Mountain.
This old guy’s met a few celebrities face to face but the proverbial “frosting on the cake” came the other day when, all of a sudden we started hearing that we’d been a clue on Jeopardy. The category was State Capital Attractions and clue was, “Morse Farm Maple can order online, but it’s more fun to visit” The answer was, of course “Montpelier”. Yup, my first report came from a friend’s son-in-law who is stationed somewhere on the other side of the world. He saw it and immediately emailed back home with the “small world” message. Following that celebrity notification, others all over America saw it and responded with comments like: “It doesn’t get any higher than being an answer on Jeopardy” and, “We saw it!! My kids yelled, ‘we went there last summer!!!’ Awesome.” And our own locally famous sportscaster friend said it aptly…”Bada Bing!” And I’d say, “bada bing” indeed…we’re so glad to have so many friends out there, some obviously in high places.
Bringing things back down to earth, right now sugarin’, our own home-grown claim to fame, is on hold. Like I recently related to a group of visiting tourists, sugarin’ is a combination of “‘Murphy’s Law’ and weird weather”. We’ve had weather too darned warm earlier in the month but right now, Murphy, that old sugarmakers’ foe, has deemed it “deep freeze” time right in the middle of our season. Another recent email received here at Morse Farm said there’s “Nothing like suffering in Vermont” and I say to that, right on!. Yes, to use my father’s words, it’s “colder’n Billy blue blazes” and we’re sufferin’ but lovin’ it….lovin’ it because we know sugarin’ will return in a few days when the Spring temps again climb above freezing. In the meantime, consider the following Jeopardy scenario: Alex says “The world’s most cantankerous time of year happens in this small part of the world.” And the question: “What is sugaring time in Vermont?”

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