News from Vermont #381 How “Sweet” It Is To Be Loved

May 26, 2017

Hello again Maple People,
Consider the following scenario: Twenty or so people sit circular style in a rustic , drafty building. There’s steam in the air and the soft sounds of a crackling fire in the background. Going around the circle, the people each introduce themselves “Hello, I’m Bob (or Dave or JoAnn) and I’m a mapleholic…” Then they tell heartfelt stories about themselves and how they got to this point in their lives. Yes, I jest but we do hear from folks all the time who claim “addiction”, like the one below:

“I’m on a doctor weekly supervised diet. I have to loose 100 pounds, but have already lost 37 pounds in the last 6 weeks. Feeling great! Yesterday I confessed to the doctor that I am addicted to maple syrup. The only way to steady my hands is to have my wife’s recipe waffles with maple syrup – the good stuff, the Golden. But before I get a dispensation from the doctor, I need to prove to him just exactly how many calories and other standard nutrition data there is contained in one tablespoonful of the syrup. Please respond with this information in the interest of public health of those addicts like me. Some folks find their pleasure in the corner bar…”
To answer the gentleman’s question, pure maple syrup has fifty calories per tablespoon as opposed to most other sugars which have sixty. Pure maple’s main sugar type is sucrose, as opposed to the highly suspect fructose, and the list of trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in pure maple syrup is sky-high and healthy-sounding. Studies are underway looking at controlling both diabetes and Alzheimer’s with pure maple syrup. In short, maple’s a good thing in people’s lives and would never require a twelve step program!
There’s a world full of maple syrup lovers out there. It usually takes but a single taste of the real thing for one to be hooked, but my sap boiling buddy Steffen takes the cake. Although a music teacher by profession, Steffen loves sugaring. Each Spring he “belongs” in our sugarhouse like oozing butter on pancakes. While boiling sap, in addition to the mandatory tools of the trade, he employs a tall coffee mug topped off with maple syrup fresh from the evaporator. During our short but sweet maple sugaring season, his daily sugar intake would find the average person bouncing off the rafters but Steffen thrives! Yup, he’s a Vermonter with maple in his DNA…he needs no meetings!
Back at the beginning scenario, the meeting ends after all have confessed their addiction but, alas, this twelve-step program fails for the first time in history. They all sit down to a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with, what else, pure Vermont maple syrup.

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