News from Vermont #384 She’s A Real Gem

July 21, 2017

Hello again Maple People,
There they go again, spade shovel at hand, my wife Betsy tagged by our black lab Fern and headed up the woods road. That’s the way they start every day, going to the woods where Fern poops and snoops, and Betsy prospects. Prospects you ask? Yes, she’s searching for the mother lode but when I allude to wealth accumulation, she shrugs it off…”Already rich” she says, “Got my dog, a walk in the woods, and a good day. What more could I want?” That’s my wife, a true proletariat and, oh yes, it’s not gold she’s after but quartz.
Quartz is common on our farm but Betsy has already claimed most of it visible to the eye, hence, the shovel. Recently after she returned with a bucket full which included perfect diamond shapes with faces so flat and precise they appeared machined by man, I asked her where she finds such gems. She gazed at me with her round-eyed, my
sterious look and replied “I go where they are.”. I estimate the piles she’s accumulated in
 our yard in tons rather than pounds. Those piles are met wi
th different reactions from visitors with some walking right
by without noticing. One guy, a bit on the different side, simply said “looks like one-a-them hoarders lives here”, and then there’s the occasional artist type who sees, appreciates, and praises Betsy for her creative effort.
She’s always had this fascination with quartz. In fact when we got engaged I knew she could care less about a diamond, so I hired a man with a bulldozer who went over to the eastern part of our farm, excavated and dragged home a huge quartz rock. Needless to say, Betsy was thrilled with the Volkswagen-size “gem” that still sits at the entrance to our house.
A quick research of quartz brings words of description like “clarifies and purifies both mentally and spiritually” and “crystal of harmony”. It’s possible that quartz is even “helpful in romantic relationships”. Perhaps that is what prompted me to write the following birthday message to Betsy one time: “Today as I walked through the woods it was grey and dirty with winter’s end. And there in my path was this beautiful white rock nestled in the leaf mold. I thought immediately of you, not just because I know you love white rocks. This rock was the only thing around that shined and stood out. Among people, you stand out and shine just like that rock did for me.”
Ok, just call me a romantic old fool but remember…the quartz made me do it! Yup, Betsy’s a special person. She indeed, shines and stands out among people. Lately, she’s had some health issues with a major stroke last January, followed by a stroke-related seizure. She’s not able to bring home quartz by the bucket full during her recovery but she’s getting stronger every day and walking in the woods with Fern. One of these days, she’ll resume collecting, the piles will grow, and I’ll know where those beautiful rocks come from… she just goes “where they are”.

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