News from Vermont #400 Why Cut Corners?

News from Vermont #400 Why Cut Corners?
June 27, 2018

Hello again Maple People,
Everyone has a right to their own pet peeves, no matter how silly they seem to anyone else…like my wife’s, for instance. The other day we were traveling back home from the busy part of Berlin and all of a sudden she gasped: “that sign we just passed said ‘Berlin Corners’, you know, ‘corner with an ‘s'”! Although intent on keeping th’ol car between the lines, her panicked tone made me jump a mite. She’s been that way for a long time. “Why”, she pleads, “do people constantly make that mistake when there’s only one corner there?”
…and this is exactly why we cherish summers so much!
Knowing of the mighty “thin ice” I was suddenly on, I countered: “But Betsy, with every intersection, there’s more than one corner, think about Jesus’ cross, four different corners!” Not even bringing Jesus into the mix calmed her down. “Not true!” she screamed “Up at Maple Corner, there’s only one corner!” And she went on to site Kent’s Corner, Taft’s Corner, Downer’s Corner…”OK, OK Dear…I concede ! ” I responded, a bit testy myself by now.
Kinda reminded me of working with my buddy Chuck when we were teenagers. Chuck and I spent a whole summer building an eight foot high woven wire deer fence around a ten acre area of our farm. As I remember, it was an exceptionally hot summer and, anyone who’s worked with four foot woven wire knows how difficult it is to get spooled out and attached tight and straight. We spooled it out with an ancient Allis Chalmers’ bucket loader fitted with a home-fabricated spooling device. We worked well together except for one hitch: Chuck whistled while he worked and, quite the opposite of creating a “Snow White” mood, it drove me nuts! Feeble hints of my displeasure, like showing up to work with cotton in my ears and even bulky ear muffs failed dismally. I even remember “accidentally” dropping a fifty pound fence post on his head once in a futile attempt to “unprogram” what was music to him and racket to me.
We finally finished the fence which approached the eighth wonder of the world for a couple of teenagers. Chuck and I are still friends, in fact he became my brother in law. We recently had another young “whistler” working here at Morse Farm. Now gone on to “greener pastures”, he was a good worker but his habit not only brought back dark memories of the deer fence but also highlighted a major pet peeve of my own.
And speaking of the letter “s”, folks who pluralize farm businesses kinda bother me. Here at this place, we have one and only one farm. Referring to it as “Morse Farms” is a no, no to this ol’guy…looking out the window at all the mowing, trimming, and fence building yet to be done makes me certain…one farm’s enough!

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