News from Vermont #411 A Sweet Trifecta

News from Vermont #411 A Sweet Trifecta

April 17, 2019

Hello again Maple People,

There’s nothing like the magic of maple sugarin’ to bring folks together, whether it’s a one-time jaunt to our sugarhouse just to savor the heavenly aroma or hardened regulars with maple clear to their bones. Here’s a tale of two of our regulars:

My friend Alan might as well have “maple” tattooed on his forehead even though he lives way down in Virginia. He started coming here as a visitor a long time ago. After a few years of it, I began to recognize him from one year to the next. One of those times, we were in the throes of a sugarhouse crisis. Things were getting more tense by the minute and suddenly I realized that Alan had abandoned his girlfriend and was right in the middle of our sugarhouse crisis helping to figure it out!

Since that day, he has become a Morse Farm regular. His employment at one of the D.C. airports allows him free flights so, just like clockwork, he reports ready for duty as our sap hauler every weekend we’re sugarin’.

Steffen at the helm!

My other sugarin’ buddy is Steffen. He and I met over twenty years ago as trombone players. Yes, it was music that found us sitting beside each other on the same stage but it was maple that “clenched” our sweet friendship for a lifetime.

Steffen, then a budding music educator, had learned how to boil sap back in his youth from an upstate New York sugar maker and  he never looked back…hooked for life on his once-a-year steamy passion! Although his day job stands in the way of more than weekend sugarin’, he often beats this old man to the working side of our evaporator come Saturday or Sunday.

These two guys have become an indispensable part of sugarin’ at Morse Farm. And I say, how could it get any better…three great friends brought together sweetly through music, magic and maple.

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