Hello Friends,

Some important news…. After exploring countless options and avenues, after much soul searching and deep deliberation we’ve concluded that Morse Farm will no longer offer ski touring.   Climate change has not been our friend….

The 17 years we’ve worked at this has provided some of the most memorable winter experiences any of us have known and we are incredibly grateful we were able to fulfill an important part of our original mission by providing a healthy-happy outdoor community experience for Central Vermont.  For the project to work we needed bad weather years to be the exception. Unfortunately, now the good years are the exception.  To reliably deliver the minimum level of skiing, staff, equipment and maintenance the ski area requires is simply more than the climate is now offering in snow.   We are truly grateful for the support you’ve shown, for the hard dedicated work the groomers and shop staff have shown and most importantly for the generosity and commitment the Morse family and wonderful staff has demonstrated in making this possible for all these years.

Since we began 17 years ago, Hubbard Park has upped their game, so as a community we still have good places to ski (not to mention the new multi use trails that are under way) and we are excited to see you out on those trails and supporting those who create and maintain them.

We know our skiing community will continue to support Morse Farm as it focuses on its core work, whether its creemees, maple syrup or their wonderful fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to you all,

Nat, Chip, Bill, Burr and Tom
Morse Farm ski touring partners

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