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Burr Morse is a seven-generation Vermont hill farmer. He and his wife, Betsy, presently own and operate Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks in East Montpelier, Vermont. He has worked full time at Morse Farm since graduating in 1971 from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Plant and Soil Science. During his tenure, Morse Farm has grown from a diversified vegetable/beef cow/maple farm, to an internationally known tourist destination and cross country ski center with a visitation of 450 tour buses and a total of 60,000 people yearly.

He is the author of three books, Sweet Days and Beyond, Golden Times, and Sugar Words: Musings from an old Vermonter.  He pens the bi-weekly email newsletter News from Vermont, and a bi-weekly newspaper column Burr's Whittlings.  He and Betsy have two grown sons, Robinson and Thomas.



Sugar Words: Musings from an old Vermonter

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Writer Stephen Morris recently called Burr a "Renaissance Man, Green Mountain style".  And then there are the comparisons to Will Rogers and Garrison Keillor, but Burr much more prefers accolades like "connoisseur of crop failures" or "artist with a chainsaw".  In his latest book, Sugar Words: Musings from an Old Vermonter, he masterfully blends bits and pieces of local history, folksy hearsay, and memories from sixty-plus years on the farm.  Sugar Words: Musings from  an Old Vermonter is the best of Burr's three books so far...257 pages plus photo gallery.


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