News from Vermont #440 – Belated Happy New Year, & Summer (Sausage) in Winter

Hi folks and a belated happy new year!

It’s already February and the days are starting to get longer, and as sugarmakers we know that the season for making maple syrup is rapidly getting closer. We are organizing tools and equipment, prepping the sugarhouse and getting a crew together to start repairing tubing and tapping trees in our sugarbush. It won’t be too long before clouds of steam rise from the sugarhouse again.

Looking back on 2023, the last four months of the year – from foliage season through the holidays – are always hectic in our small family business. If you visited us during Vermont’s famously colorful autumn or placed an order with us for the holidays, thank you! – we sincerely appreciate your support.

There’s always some surprises when things finally settle down in the relative quiet of the new year. We discovered that we seem to have ordered many more Vermont Smoke and Cure Summer Sausages than we needed, so we have a special offer for you:

All online orders placed between 2/1 & 2/7 for $75 in product or more placed during this time period receive a free Vermont Smoke and Cure Summer Sausage (a $9.95 value!).

I know that the idea of “summer sausage” in mid-winter is a bit of a contradiction, but these mild, tangy sausages are the perfect snack at any time of year, and pairs especially well with our selection of Cabot cheddars.

Sugaring season is not the only work planned for 2024 at Morse Farm, as I will be working with the team here to make some improvements to our farm store to make it more inviting and comfortable for visitors. We also plan on revamping our website, a project that has been in the works for a while now.

Finally, getting to what’s really important — a quick update on my Uncle Burr: Burr continues to enjoy his retirement, traveling & playing music while taking on a few farm chores here and there to stay active.

If you plan on being in our neck of the woods in the coming year, don’t be a stranger – we hope you take the time to visit us again, no matter what the season.

Thanks for your continued support,

Jake & the team at Morse Farm

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