Vermont Maple Sriracha Peanuts

To make these Srirachanuts, peanuts are coated with Vermont Maple Sriracha, maple sugar, and dry spice mix. They are then slow-roast to perfection by hand.

“The nuts are crunchy, spicy, and addictive. Like the sauces, they’re a delicious balance of heat and sweet, with a little tang and an underlying hint of maple.” – Boston Globe

Non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan


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Product Description

A spicy snack that is exploding with flavor! This small 2.5 oz pack is a small sampler size that makes a tasty treat. Each peanut is coated with signature Vermont Maple Sriracha and dry spice mix. A perfect party snack, these are a delicious balance of heat and sweetness that with delight your taste buds.

Free of gluten, preservative and sulfates. Handmade in Vermont.


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2.5 oz