Morse Farm Golden Delicate Vermont Maple Syrup

Golden – characterized by a beautiful, translucent golden color and a subtle, delicate maple flavor, traditionally thought of as the classic ‘pancake’ syrup.


Product Description

Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste Maple Syrup is a light and mild Maple Syrup that is delicate in taste and the lightest in color. The golden color and is reminiscent of the color of a late winter’s afternoon.

Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste Maple Syrup is typically processed at the beginning of every sugaring season during colder climates and contains a delicately sweet, original maple flavor characteristic. Since it’s so light and delicate in taste, Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste is best appreciated drizzled over your favorite desserts like vanilla ice cream, yogurt or in traditional uses like topped over pancakes, waffles and oatmeal.

Additional Information

Weight 1.000 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Order Size

Gill (3.4 oz), Half Pint (8 oz), Pint (16 oz), Quart (32 oz), Half Gallon (64 oz), Gallon, Case of 4 Quarts, Case of 6 Pints, Case of 8 Half Pints